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Rotary Membership Flexibility Guidelines

The rule is that there is actually no “set” policy, guidelines, and requirements, as long as the rules do not conflict with Rotary International general rules. This means that individual clubs can have unique membership types and flexible meeting requirements, depending on individual Club culture and needs.

Freedom Rotary Club
Membership Types, Dues and Fees Policy
(Adopted May 18, 2021)

Freedom Rotary membership types are Active and Honorary as described below.

Active Members:

  • Classic Members: Rotary International (“RI”) defines Active Members as those who meet the requirements for membership, pay RI dues, are eligible to vote on club and district matters, are eligible to hold a club officer position and count in the club’s membership numbers in Rotary’s database.
  • All Active Members go through the nomination, application, and Red Badge process, are bound by, and entitled to, all rights, privileges and responsibilities of Rotary membership and are expected to be engaged in and support the Freedom Rotary avenues of service and social activities.
  • Upon being granted membership to Freedom Rotary, all new Active Members are requested to make an initial $50 contribution to The Rotary Foundation which is matched with $50 from Freedom Rotary Club.
  • All members are responsible for paying for their own meals.  Meals of Active Members are included in quarterly billings.  Associate Members pay at meetings attended.

Associate Members:

Associate Members exist to encourage Rotary participation by:

  • family members
  • associates of businesses, organizations and public agencies
  • young adults (30 years old or younger)

Associate memberships must have an Active Rotarian in the group, and may consist of up to three additional Associate Members from the same entity.  The Active Rotarian is preferably the one most likely to attend regular club meetings.

All Associate Members are Active Members, as defined above, except that Associate Members’ annual dues are discounted by $100.

Honorary Members

Honorary Membership is used to recognize people who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service and embody Rotary ideals, or those considered friends of Rotary for their support of Rotary’s causes. They are exempt from paying RI dues, have no vote in Rotary matters, are not eligible to hold any club office, and are not included in Freedom Rotary’s membership numbers in Rotary’s database.  Honorary Members should not be confused with Rotarians whose excused absence is approved by the Club’s board.  In order to count in a club’s membership numbers in Freedom Rotary’s database, one must be reported as an Active RI-dues paying member.  An Active Member may be an Honorary Member of another club but may not be an Active Member of another club.